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       Xinke Mine Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly the Xinke shotcrete equipment Machinery Factory) was founded in 1998, since its inception the company has always been adhering to the concept of quality change the world, has been committed to research and development, Production, sales and solutions, technical services of the concrete spraying equipment, grouting equipment and other engineering equipment,and has made sustained and rapid development. The company has perfect production technology and detection means, these effectively guarantee the quality of products. We focus on product development and improvement, through the combination of product experience,and continuous improvement and innovation, in the field of concrete equipment has accumulated rich experience and has more than 10 national patents, and always maintain the leading products.
       The company's products include shotcrete machine (concrete spraying machine), grouting machine, automatic loading shotcrete truck, mortar pump, piston pump, fast pulp machine and other related equipment, mainly used in mine shaft, hydropower engineering, Railway and highway tunnels, subway project, bridge maintenance, slope support, civil air defense projects, municipal construction projects, environmental greening projects,etc. With the excellent quality of the product performance, the Xinke equipment widely participate in the global key projects, including the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, Shenzhen Metro, Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station, Kingkey100 Building, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail and other major projects construction.
       The company in line with the scientific, rigorous, honest, innovative ideas, with attitude of quality first, service-oriented and the sense of mission that focus on creating quality, quality change the world , and carefully build star products and services, and constantly promote the "Made in China" to The forefront of the world.



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